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Need equipment for something specific?

Do you have a specific project, training or conference on the go?

Do you need to cater for growth in your business or temporary staff?

Have you lost equipment through theft or want to test capability requirements before purchasing?

IRIS GLOBAL Systems’ short-term rentals provide instant technology for entry level to high end equipment from as short a period as 1 day.

How does it benefit?

Delivery and collection..

Optional installation and networking.

Daily, weekly or monthly rental options.

Full maintenance for the duration of the rental period.

Our rental system is so well advanced that we are able to have equipment ready for you or delivered to you within hours of you placing your order.

We understand that sometimes you need things in a hurry, and that’s why we make it simple for you to rent from us. Remember, our rental system is simple:

Rent for a week, month or longer

If you decide you want to keep the equipment for a further period, you will only be charged for the extra days that you keep it. IE; if you are on a monthly Agreement and keep the equipment for 4 days past the end of the term, you will be charged 4/30 of the monthly rate. You are NOT locked in for a further full month.

If you have a short term rental need NOW then call IRIS GLOBAL Systems.


IRIS GLOBAL Systems caters for your rental needs from as short as a day or for as long as a year. So if you are looking for the ongoing rental of technology for your office, then we can help. Many clients find it convenient to rent their fleet of notebooks or desktops for a year and then have the flexibility to update to the latest technology easily and efficiently, without having to worry about the disposal of old equipment or a large capital outlay for the new equipment.

We can also tailor a Rent to Buy plan to suit your needs. This gives you the option to buy out the equipment at the completion of your 12 months rental period. Alternatively, you can return the equipment to us and update to the latest equipment for a further 12 months!

Browse our leading products catalogue to see a selection of our extensive rental fleet available for long-term rental. Do you need a long-term rental now?

Rent for Events

IRIS GLOBAL has Experience of 25 Years in providing I.T. and A.V. Equipments for Short Term Events. Our Company is Equipped with Proper Logistics and Technical Support Team so as to provide Mission Critical Support for the Events.

Following Services are included in the Package:-

To-and Fro Transportation of Equipments (Delivery & Pick-up)

Prior Day Delivery in order to avoid last minute panic.

Installation and De-Installation

Resident Engineer during the Event.

Complete Maintenance of the Equipments

Stand-By Equipment for 0% downtime.

Rent I.T/A.V. Equipments for:-




AGM Meetings


Marketing Research Projects

Product Demos

Ad-Hoc Projects

Temporary Setups